Other Services - Bespoke/tailor made enclosures

In addition to the large range of off-the-shelf enclosures Cholcroft can provide bespoke products:

The design process -


A 3D engineering drawing from the design process, an effective way to confirm the parts we develop look as you expect and require; in order to ensure that our solution meets your requirements exactly, at the start of the project we will ask for a lot of detailed information and during the process ask for your approval of: the design brief, detailed design, prototypes and samples

In plastic -


A bespoke plastic enclosure assembly developed for use with a Digital Infra-red Door Sensor system; designed to be as small as possible, rugged, tamper proof and inexpensive to tool & produce

In metal -


A tailor made metal enclosure for a Control Unit with Audible Alarm for use in an environment where the main criteria were rugged construction, being tamperproof and having no sharp edges in certain areas for health & safety reasons; in addition to which also being cost effective to tool and produce

The complete solution -


This 2-part enclosure was developed for a Temperature Display Unit and because it is fitted in a sheet-metal panel required a spring clip that was included in the project. We pride ourselves on providing you a complete solution and will be pleased to develop any associated parts that you require such as labels, membranes etc.